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Who We Are

Founded in Pembroke Pines, Florida, South Florida Nursing College (SFNCI) is a premier healthcare staffing agency dedicated to embodying our slogan, “Professionalism Par Excellence.” Through our commitment to excellence, we have grown a robust network of skilled healthcare professionals, each vetted for their qualifications, passion, and commitment to delivering excellent healthcare.

Our commitment to communication ensures we understand the unique needs of each healthcare facility and professional we work with, facilitating optimal matches. We uphold integrity in all our dealings, fostering a culture of trust. Awareness and respect for cultural diversity are integral to our operations, ensuring inclusiveness. We foster mutual respect and trust between us, the healthcare facilities, and the professionals we work with.

Our Mission Statement

South Florida Nursing College will be the pre-eminent agency supplying hospitals and other healthcare facilities with healthcare professionals with the intellect, care, passion, clinical preparation, integrity, technology savvy, leadership skills, and cultural sensitivity to excel in our diverse, global community.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading healthcare staffing solution provider, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. We aspire to shape the future of healthcare staffing by consistently delivering top-tier professionals who transform patient care.

Agency Operating Principles/Core Values

The six core values of (SFNCI) are Commitment to Excellence, Communication, Integrity, Cultural Awareness and Inclusiveness, Mutual Respect and Trust, and Global Connectedness.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence in service is the “Big Why” of our agency. Exemplary accomplishments are celebrated publicly, almost daily.


Employees are expected to demonstrate effective communication skills. These include listening thoughtfully, speaking respectfully, writing clearly, and concisely presenting information.


Complying with all external and internal laws, regulations, and policies governing the agency.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusiveness

Employees take time to learn about and celebrate other cultures/religions embodied in our society.

Mutual Respect and Trust

Showing courtesy, trusting each other, and sticking together as a team are key to The SFNCI value system. We value collegiality and mutual respect among colleagues.

Global Connectedness

Nurses travel from state to state and sometimes around the world. Also, healthcare professionals now provide telephonic and web-based care to patients. Our nurses shall be global citizens imbued with the intercultural skills to compete effectively globally.

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